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Barq offers you a fast and simple way to ship

Create an Account

Your shipment delivery is just one simple step away, sing up by the most secured two-factor verification process. Make an eloquent and up-to-date profile by giving your profile details.

Track a Package

Once carrier accepts your package request, you can track your package by date and time. We have made your package more secured and traceable by taking your signature on pickup.

Ship your Package

Upload photo of your package you want to ship, select category, size and pickup place from your map screen. Summon the destination place to carriers. After successful payment, they will accept package request and broadcast a notification to you.

Fast Delivery

We promise a fast and secure delivery of your package by using innovation, dedication, and technology as our preeminent ingredients.

Convert Extra Luggage Space into Cash

With stress-free coordination for pickup and delivery, sign up to carry a package to earn money.

Create an Account

You can earn extra bucks by doing a simple and secured sign up process. Make an eloquent and up-to-date profile by giving your profile details.

Add your Trip

It's time to select a package of your choice and schedule your trip. You can also earn more money by adding more shipments to your trip. Just arrange a pickup for shipment and buckle up for delivery.

Carry a Package

Now, pack up all the stuff and meet your recipient at the destination. We will send a verification code to your recipient. Just verify the recipient code and make your journey just paid for itself.

Deliver and Get Paid

After successful delivery of all your package, you can mark your trip close and we will transfer your money to your account in next 24 hours.

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