Software Engineer

Welcome! My name is Lars Cornelissen and I'm a Software Engineer. I develop Java, Android, iOS, Spring and Web applications.



ETPA is a trade platform for short term electricity trades, with a focus on the trade participant’s capacity. Participants can optimize their energy portfolio through short-term trades. ETPA enables these participants to exploit the flexibility in their production processes. These participants vary from horticulture to waste disposal, aluminum smelters to energy companies. By creating a level playing field, ETPA can facilitate a fair market price for all participants.


Project Fit

Project Fit is a platform to facilitate the needs of anyone who would like to get in shape.

The Back end is made using Spring Boot. This backend connects to a front end for administrators and users. Besides the web interface for users an app can be used to track one's fitness progress. Exercises, diet and different fitness programs can be found on the app and the website.


Lars Cornelissen

I am an aspiring software engineer. I am currently employed at "Trifork Amsterdam B.V." as a junior software engineer. Besides working at Trifork i am a Student at the University of applied science of Amsterdam. I like to work with new technologies across the board. Some of my IT interests are: Spring, Java, Android, AngularJS and many more.